The electric class 4 truck for everyone

Lightning eMotors offers ZEV4 platforms for several vehicle applications. Endlessly versatile, our ZEV4 trucks support a wide range of vocational applications. Lightning ZEV4 trucks include flat/stake bed trucks, utility service trucks, box trucks, and dump bed trucks. The battery packs are neatly and safely installed between the frame rails, which allows many different body types to ride on the chassis. Whether you need to haul equipment or set up a mobile work station, our ZEV4 trucks are the clean, reliable solution.

The Specifications for Lightning eMotors’ ZEV4 Trucks

The versatile Lightning eMotors  ZEV4 trucks model comes equipped with 120 kWh batteries. Located safely within the frame rails, these batteries deliver 241 horsepower, 790 lb-ft of torque and up to 130 miles of range. Our ZEV4 trucks also have improved weight distribution for better handling and improved safety. The Lightning ZEV4 truck bodies are capable of Level 2 AC and 80kW DC fast charging. 

The Lightning eMotors ZEV4 platform is compatible with a variety of bodies from different manufacturers, such as Knapheide, Rockport Trucks, and Brown Industries. Because we install the batteries between the frame rails, there are no obstacles in the cab. This unique chassis solution allows for a variety of body types, such as cutaway and closed cab configurations.

The advantages of a ZEV4 truck body is unbeatable. At the rate of current production, our ZEV4 trucks are typically available for delivery four to six months from the order date. Lightning eMotors ZEV4 trucks are quiet because there’s no diesel roar. Our ZEV4 trucks also come with regenerative braking and state-of-the-art control software, making them super efficient. Of course, the most obvious advantage is that our ZEV4 trucks are safe and environmentally friendly.

Why You Should Go Electric With Your Trucks

The cost to fuel and maintain gas or diesel vehicles adds up. An electric solution, however, can reduce those costs significantly. The cost of electricity is typically lower per mile traveled compared to the cost of gasoline or diesel fuel. Electric vehicle fleets often have lower fuel expenses. Electric vehicles also have fewer moving parts, requiring less frequent maintenance. Electric fleet owners report reduced service and repair expenses throughout the vehicle’s lifetime. 

This improved efficiency translates into lower energy consumption and reduced energy costs for EV owners.

In addition to a financial benefit, there’s an environmental component as well. Improved fuel efficiency of electric vehicles translates to lower energy consumption. Also, by reducing the number of gas-powered vehicles on the road, electric fleets can improve the overall air quality of our cities and communities.

Our versatile and adaptable ZEV4 trucks are the perfect solution: 

Flat / stake bed truck

Versatile work-site transportation

Lightning ZEV4 trucks supported on 159″ and 177″ wheelbases, the 120 kWh battery capacity gives up to 130 miles of range.

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Utility / service truck

ZEV4 trucks are perfect for local service and repair operations, including electrical, plumbing and construction. The Lightning ZEV4 utility/service truck is perfect for businesses and utilities looking to go green.

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Electric Box Trucks: GMC 4500

Box truck

Lightning eMotors’ ZEV4 box truck fully supports cargo lifts and reefer systems, as well as boxes from multiple vendors. For environmentally-friendly package delivery, light haulage and logistics, this vehicle is ideal.

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Dump Body truck

Lightning eMotors’ ZEV4 dump body truck is the green way to haul bulk materials. Emissions-free, quiet and powerful—our ZEV4 trucks are perfect for parks, public works and construction.

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We understand that price is also a big factor. Many resources and initiatives exist to make ZEV4 trucks more affordable. Government subsidies and grants are available for fleet owners looking to switch to electric options. Check out our Grants and Incentives page to see more details. If you’re not sure how to get started, we also offer grant-writing assistance and are happy to answer any questions.

Thinking About Going Electric?

Choosing to go electric with your fleet is a big deal. Don’t wait! Lightning eMotors’ ZEV4 trucks are ready for your worksite. We’re providing many industries with clean, dependable electric power. If you’re interested, contact us today!