Here is a selection of videos about our products and our business. Some of these are third-party videos, presented here by permission.

For our full collection of videos, visit our YouTube channel.

Lightning Factory Tour 2023

Take a look behind closed doors to see how we build our EVs. (September 2023)

Why is DC charging so much faster than AC charging?

Another Lightning Tech Talk from Dan Bennett (August 2023)

Why are EVs fundamentally more energy-efficient than gasoline or diesel vehicles?

Lightning’s Dan Bennett takes a moment to explain why EVs go so much further than gasoline or diesel vehicles on the same amount of energy. (June 2023)

Out of Spec drives Lightning’s electric ambulance at ACT Expo 2023 in California (courtesy of Out Of Spec Studios)

Kyle Connor drives the Lightning eMotors ZEV3 upfitted as an ambulance! He also charges on the Lightning Mobile DC Fast Charger before the drive. (May 2023)

Lightning Electric vehicles providing microtransit services in Porterville, CA

The City of Porterville in California’s Central Valley operates a fleet of Lightning Electric Transit vans as part of a microtransit model, providing door-to-door, on-demand transportation on the Uber platform. Porterville opted for zero-emission vehicles and selected Lightning eMotors as the vendor. This video tells the story. (May 2022)

Smart Manufacturing

We’re investing in manufacturing equipment, people and processes. This video provides a view into our production facility. (February 2022)

Introduction to Lightning eMotors

A short video presented by CEO Tim Reeser. (March 2022)

Driver training video

How to operate and drive the Lightning Electric Transit van.

It’s Easy, Right?

Many people think that building an electric vehicle is just a case of throwing in a motor and some batteries. But if you want a vehicle that’s safe, reliable, easy to drive and road-legal, then there’s a LOT more that goes into it. This video only scratches the surface of everything we do at Lightning eMotors to produce the best commercial EVs on the market. (February 2021)

Downhill’s Easy

A short video inspired by certain parties (who shall remain nameless) who seemed to think gravity was the only motive power needed… 🙂  (September 2020)

EV Last Mile Deliveries! How Does The Electric Transit By Lightning eMotors Drive? (courtesy of Out Of Spec Motoring)

If our “Downhill’s Easy” video didn’t convince you, watch this video to see Kyle Conner shredding up Rist Canyon in our electric Transit van! (April 2021)

ABC Companies Diesel-to-Electric Repower program for motorcoaches
Lightning can strike twice! Older motorcoaches can get a new lease of life while helping the environment and reducing city air pollution. Watch this video to learn more about the ABC Companies Diesel-to-Electric Repower program. This unique program lowers the barriers to electrifying your fleet while bringing new life and revenue opportunities to your existing vehicles. Visit to bring your future forward. (December 2020)