Lightning Electric repowered Van Hool T2145 motorcoach

Lightning Electric repowered Van Hool TDX motorcoach

Lightning Electric Zero Emission Motorcoach Repower

Diesel motorcoaches require “repowering” every 7 to 10 years, usually by replacing the old engine with a new diesel one. We believe that there’s a better way: repower the vehicle with an electric powertrain.


  • Quiet – no diesel roar
  • Clean – no exhaust emissions
  • Powerful – smooth delivery from the high-torque motor
  • Efficient – regenerative braking and state-of-the-art control software
  • Safe – advanced battery safety systems, electric retarder
  • Cost-effective – significantly less expensive than buying a new electric motorcoach

Perfect for corporate campuses, colleges, employee commuter services and more, these motorcoaches reduce emissions by taking cars off the roads and by being zero-emissions vehicles themselves.