Lightning Systems Wins Colorado Manufacturing Award in Energy/Environment Category

  • Production ramping up smoothly of new all-electric powertrain for Ford Transit
  • First products from new Colorado facility delivered to customers
  • Move to new headquarters in 2017 brought team together in one building

LOVELAND, Colo., April 10, 2018 – Lightning Systems, a global developer of zero emission solutions for commercial fleets, has been awarded a Colorado Manufacturing Award as an “Outstanding Energy/Environment Manufacturer.”

The Colorado Manufacturing Awards, given annually by CompanyWeek, were presented last week in a ceremony at the University of Denver. Ten manufacturing categories were recognized with Lightning Systems receiving the top award in the energy/environment category.

“Our team is extremely pleased to be recognized as a leading manufacturer,” said Bill Kelley, chief technology officer of Lightning Systems. “Over the past nine years our manufacturing capacity has grown significantly for our hydraulic hybrid vehicle product for buses and trucks. This past winter we expanded our product line and started producing our new, all-electric and fuel cell powertrains for the Ford Transit. Demand is strong for the product, and we’re steadily ramping up production. This award recognizes the hard work and agility of our team in launching new products.”

In 2017, Lightning Systems moved its corporate headquarters and manufacturing operations to the Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation & Technology in Loveland at Southwest 14th Street and Taft Avenue. The redesigned facility has enabled the company to keep up with demand, build new products, and service customers. The new space has 45,000 square-feet, nearly double the size of the company’s former headquarters.

“This award is a great honor and confirms the enormous pride I feel for our talented and hard-working team here at Lightning,” said Tim Reeser, chief executive officer of Lightning Systems. “Our team proves that manufacturing is more than just assembling components. Every day they work together to create better processes, testing plans, and assembly procedures which ultimately pay off with product excellence.”

Recently, Lightning Systems began customer deliveries of its new zero emission LightningElectric system for the heavy-duty Ford Transit, a product used extensively by commercial and government fleets. The LightningElectric is a battery-electric drivetrain package for the Ford Transit.

Earlier this week, Lightning announced that tests demonstrate that the Ford Transit 350HD equipped with the zero emission LightningElectric drivetrain achieved 61 MPGe on EPA City routes and 66 MPGe on EPA Highway routes, compared to 13 and 15 MPG respectively for the identically configured gasoline Ford Transit 350HD. The testing is a part of the newly released 2018 CARB efficiency and range validation test procedures for medium-duty vehicles.

Lightning Systems also manufactures the LightningHybrid, a hydraulic hybrid energy recovery system for heavy-duty vehicles. The LightningHybrid product uses an energy recovery system with no electric batteries. Instead, the system applies a hydraulic system to the vehicle driveline to regenerate braking energy. Hydraulic pumps and a lightweight accumulator brake the vehicle, store the braking energy, and then use that stored energy to provide power to the wheels. In doing so, fuel is saved, and all-round vehicle efficiencies are realized.

About Lightning Systems
Lightning Systems, a leader in zero emission solutions for fleets around the world, is a fast-growing company headquartered in Loveland, Colorado. The company offers products to support commercial and government fleets, including the LightningElectric, a zero emission full-electric fleet vehicle, with a hydrogen fuel-cell option; LightningAnalytics, a cloud-based analytics system for fleet vehicles; and LightningHybrid, a hydraulic hybrid energy recovery system for heavy-duty vehicles. To learn more, visit

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