Why Repower to Electric?

If you’ve tried to expand your commercial fleet or replace aging vehicles recently, you know that finding the trucks and buses you need is challenging at best, nearly impossible at worst. Finding an electric commercial vehicle manufacturer that can deliver what you need can be even more difficult.

Lightning eMotors can help.

In addition to manufacturing complete new commercial vehicles from class 3 through class 7, Lightning can electrify gently used vehicles for classes 6, 7 and 8 and put them back on the road. Available for city transit buses, larger trucks and motor coaches, Lightning can keep your fleet on the road, reduce your monthly operating costs, and quickly transform your aging gas and diesel vehicles into clean, quiet, zero-emission vehicles.

Let’s talk today about how Lighting eMotors can help keep your fleet on the road with zero-emissions and at a reduced monthly cost.


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Lightning Repower vehicle categories

City Transit Buses

Low-floor 40-foot city buses – read more


Van Hool motorcoaches – read more

School buses

Blue Bird Vision type C school buses – read more


What is Lightning Repower?

Lightning Repower refers to replacing the powertrain in an existing in-service gasoline- or diesel-fueled fleet vehicle with the Lightning Electric zero-emission powertrain.

Vehicles are repowered to all-electric by removing the engine, transmission, exhaust system and fuel system and installing a high-efficiency electric motor, batteries and electric accessories (power steering, air conditioning, heaters, etc.). The electric motor is configured similarly to the conventional drivetrain by propelling the vehicle through its driveshaft, sometimes through a single-speed gearbox.

Auxiliary components are replaced to ensure all vehicle functionality is maintained (brakes (including air brakes), power steering, climate control, etc.). Batteries are mounted inside or underneath the vehicle with robust framework and covered with compliant shrouding.

Repowered motor coach, now electric

Lightning Repower is ideal for fleet owners who are looking to:
  • Add new life to vehicles in need of a new powertrain
  • Decrease fleet operating costs
  • Update safety and driveability
  • Meet upcoming ZEV mandates or sustainability goals
  • Save on the cost of a new zero emission vehicle
  • Put zero emissions vehicles on the road quicker than buying new units