Lightning Powered.
Providing seamless electric powertrain integration for OEMs.

For vehicle manufacturers looking to provide electric powertrain options to their customers, Lightning Powered offers road-ready, integrated solutions that let you deploy vehicles faster and at a much lower development cost.

Lightning employs over 70 full-time engineers who design everything including, but not limited to, mechanical mounts, power distribution units, thermal management systems, electric harnesses, half a million lines of software control code, and DC fast charge hardware. At every stage, we design for safety, efficiency, driveability, reliability, charging compatibility and regulatory compliance. Our modular technology allows rapid deployment to new platforms while leveraging the full functionality of our solutions and scaling with GVWR class and end-user requirements. Lightning Electric powertrains also support a wide variety of accessories such as cargo and wheelchair lifts, refrigeration systems, ambulance equipment and more.

Give us a call about your electrification goals and how we can help you serve the growing demand for electric vehicles fast.



Example electric commercial chassis

Electric commercial vehicle eChassis
(artist’s rendering)