Never Get Stranded Again!

Lightning Mobile is a mobile charging station for commercial EVs. Designed to be installed in a cargo van such as our Lightning Electric Transit 350HD, or in a trailer, it’s the perfect solution for charging electric trucks, vans or buses at remote locations. Equipped with Lightning Mobile, fleets can enjoy peace of mind knowing that no vehicles will be stranded.

  • High capacity battery storage
  • DC Fast Charge output up to 80kW
  • Charge it with Level 2 AC EVSE
  • Designed for mobile use as a rescue vehicle
  • Can be used to provide DC Fast Charge service from L2 infrastructure
  • Active thermal management for operational efficiency and long battery life

Lightning Mobile logo

Three ways Lightning Mobile can benefit your fleet

Mobile deployment

A van with Lightning Mobile installed is a rescue vehicle, able to support your fleet vehicles at remote locations or at the roadside. Its DC Fast Charge output and high battery capacity is designed for supporting electric commercial vehicles.

DC Fast Charge provision

Installing DC Fast Charge EVSE at your depot can be expensive and slow. Lightning Mobile can be charged from low-cost Level 2 AC infrastructure to deliver DC Fast Charge to vehicles which need the short turnaround time.

Peak rate avoidance

By intelligently scheduling when Lightning Mobile is charged, you can use it to avoid your utility’s peak tariffs, giving you greater flexibility with vehicle duty scheduling and lowering costs.

Lightning Mobile installed in a trailer


Battery capacity192 kWhr
Charging input (from grid)AC Level 2 up to 19.2 kW
Charging output (to electric vehicle)DC Fast Charge up to 80 kW
Input connectorSAE J1772
Output connectorSAE J1772 Combo CCS Type 1
Maximum energy output per day460 kWhr *
Output cable length25 feet
Active thermal managementYes, integrated
Data reporting / analyticsYes, over 4G modem
Weight3,700 lbs approx.

* If connected for 24 hours to 19.2 kW L2 EVSE.