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Rediscover fleet telematics.

Improve the performance of your ZEV fleet with Lightning Insights.

Optimizing your fleets starts and ends with one thing: reliable information. Without a complete view of fleet, charger, and operating data, it is impossible to make the adjustments needed to continuously improve performance. From real-time vehicle data, to charging status, to driver behavior, Lightning Insights puts the information you need at your fingertips.


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Computer showing Lightning Insights

Empowering You to Save Money

Satisfy incentive programs requirements.

Not only will Lightning Insights enable you to reduce costs by optimizing the efficiency of your fleet, but it also provides fully compliant reporting for all federal, state, and local EV and charger incentive programs such as HVIP, LowNo, EPA school bus funding, and LCFS. Reduce the upfront cost of your vehicles and charging to lower your total cost of ownership!

Smart Energy Management

Full integration with your Lightning Energy charging hardware

By integrating a complete charging solution with vehicle telematics, fleet managers are able to coordinate their fleet assets to maximize uptime and minimize cost. Schedule vehicle charging times to improve energy usage and save money, utilize vehicle-to-grid technology to earn energy credits[1], use the vehicle and charger data to further EV deployments, intelligently pair vehicles and chargers to meet daily route needs, and much more.

[1] Requires V2G capable EVSE and vehicle

Lightning Insights

Empower Your Drivers

Make their job a little easier.

The upcoming Lightning Insights mobile app will allow for custom driver notifications. Inform them when their vehicle falls below a certain level of power, or if their vehicle requires maintenance. Drivers can also check vehicle status and projected charge times so they can properly prep for their next route, along with reviewing past performance in order to improve their overall EV driving experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our subscriptions include 1, 3, and 5 year plans. Once your vehicle is registered and you are properly subscribed, automatic payments will be billed annually.

Easily connect your organization’s credit card or bank account directly to your Lightning Insights profile to make automated subscription payments.

Lightning Insights offers two access tiers, access to an API-only subscription or take advantage of our full telematics offering. API-only subscriptions will allow you to integrate your vehicle data into any third-party user interface you may already be using. An all-inclusive telematics subscription will provide the user with vehicle AND charger data that can be manipulated within the app to optimize your fleet operations and track critical activity.

Create custom reports for vehicle activity, trips and charging transactions. These reports can show you data from a single day up to several years, allowing fleet managers to see operational trends, evaluate driving behavior, optimize routes, and calculate savings.

Once a fleet is established within the Lightning Insights portal, admin and fleet managers are able to see all depot activity and assets. They can use this information to drive activity planning within and across fleet locations. This role is also able to add and edit driver accounts, create custom reports, and edit depot and asset-specific information. Drivers can use Lightning Insights for identifying vehicle and charger assignments, viewing assigned vehicle live metrics, and receiving customizable notifications regarding charging activity, any planned activities that are missed, and vehicle status (low SOC and other).

Lightning Insights API access will allow users to integrate Lightning vehicle data with third-party software platforms.

With the purchase of Lightning Insights, your designated admin POC will receive a login and can begin the process of onboarding relevant parties. Your subscribed assets will be automatically entered into your account upon first login.

This is required for all vehicles leveraging funding programs that have mandatory data reporting. For all other users, Lightning Insights provides a look into your Lightning EV experience day to day, over the vehicle’s lifetime, and everything in between.