There’s free money available?

Most likely, but it depends on your use case, vehicle type, and location.

The up-front cost of commercial electric vehicles can be offset – sometimes dramatically – by taking advantage of available grants and incentives. This page lists the main ones for the USA and Canada, at the federal and state/province level.

We’re always here to help you navigate the grants and incentives landscape.

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US federal programs

There are several nationwide funding programs administered by Federal government agencies. The IRA applies to any EV that’s class 4 or above, the EPA program is specific to school buses, and the FTA program is targeted at public transportation.

IRA Tax Credit

Beginning January 1, 2023, a tax credit is available to businesses for the purchase of new EVs and FCEVs. For tax-exempt organizations, the credit is same as cash.

  • Maximum tax credit $3,750 for vehicles under 14,000 lbs. This includes the Lightning ZEV3 passenger van and cargo van
  • Maximum tax credit $40,000 for vehicles above 14,000 lbs. This includes Lightning ZEV4 trucks, shuttles and school buses

Clean School Bus Program Grants | US EPA

This is a competitive grants program. The second round of funding closes August 22, 2023.

This applies to the Lightning ZEV4 electric Type A school bus.

  • Estimated total grants amount: $400M
  • District minimum project size is 15 units, with a maximum of 50 buses per district.
  • Third-party partners can apply on behalf of school districts, which can include smaller project sizes.
  • Scrappage, sale or donation of gasoline or diesel buses being replaced is required.
  • This program also supports the deployment of charging infrastructure.

Low or No Emission Vehicle Program – 5339(c) | FTA (

The Low or No Emission competitive program provides funding to state and local governmental authorities for the purchase or lease of zero-emission and low-emission transit buses as well as acquisition, construction, and leasing of required supporting facilities.

This applies to the Lightning ZEV4 shuttle bus.

Awards have been announced for the 2023 Funding Round.

Eligible projects include:

  • purchasing or leasing low- or no-emission buses
  • acquiring low- or no-emission buses with a leased power source
  • constructing or leasing facilities and related equipment (including intelligent technology and software) for low- or no-emission buses
  • constructing new public transportation facilities to accommodate low- or no-emission buses
  • rehabilitating or improving existing public transportation facilities to accommodate low- or no-emission buses
  • Additionally 0.5% of a request may be for workforce development training and an additional 0.5% may be for training at the National Transit Institute (NTI). Applicants proposing any project related to zero-emission vehicles must also spend 5% of their award on workforce development and training as outlined in their Zero-Emission Transition Plan, unless the applicant certifies that their financial need is less.

US state programs

These programs are specific to the listed states. We expect more states to jump in over time!


Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project | California HVIP

This voucher program currently offers incentives of $45,000 for Lightning ZEV3 and $60,000 for Lightning ZEV4 vehicles.

ZEV3 products include passenger and cargo vans.

ZEV4 products include shuttle, box truck, utility truck, dump truck or stake bed.

There are additional savings for areas identified as a Disadvantaged Communities (DAC).


ISEF – Innovative Small e-Fleet Set-aside voucher program

Innovative Small e-Fleet (ISEF) Program Update – Program Updates – Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project | California HVIP

Eligible organisations: Smaller private company and nonprofit fleets with 20 or fewer vehicles with GVWR of 8500 lbs or greater in their existing fleets, and less than $15MM in revenue.

Standard HVIP vouchers are doubled up to 90% of the vehicle price for vehicle purchases or financing of 3+ years. For example a Lightning ZEV3 receiving a $45,000 voucher through standard HVIP would receive $90,000. A class 4 standard voucher is $60,000, with an ISEF voucher value of $120,000.

ISEF vouchers are doubled up to 90% of the vehicle price for short-term lease, rental, TAAS offerings of less than 3 years.

Voucher requests capped at 20 per fleet.

Colorado Electric School Bus Program

Colorado Electric School Bus Grant Program | Department of Public Health & Environment

Competitive Grants Rebate Program

  • A rebate of $275k is available for Lightning ZEV4 electric Type A school buses.
  • No minimum or maximum project size
  • Funding is stackable with federal and utility grant programs
  • Must retire or convert 20% of vehicles requested if applying for 5+ buses
  • EVSE included $3500 – $52,000 per charger port


Colorado Clean Fleet Program

Clean Fleet Vehicle & Technology Grant Program | Department of Public Health & Environment (

Competitive Grants Rebate program

  • Class 3-4 zero-emission vehicles receive a 40% reimbursement off the new vehicle cost.
  • EVSE, staff, and indirect costs not included


Xcel Electric School Bus Rebate

Info sheet (

  • Total funding amount $2.2MM
  • Battery electric buses
  • No minimum or maximum project size
  • Up to $275,000 rebate
MOR-EV Battery Electric Vehicles

MOR-EV Trucks | MOR-EV

  • Class 3 vehicles (10,001-14,000 lbs GVWR): $15,000 rebate
  • Class 4 vehicles (14,001-16,000 lbs GVWR): $30,000 rebate
  • Additional 10% to the rebate for meeting Massachusetts Environmental Justice Income    Criteria
  • Voucher program
  • Lightning ZEV3 passenger and cargo vans voucher amount $50,000
  • Lightning ZEV4 trucks and shuttle voucher amount $65,000
  • Additional 10% incentives are available for overburdened communities
  • Woman, minority and veteran-based businesses: additional 4%
  • School bus bonus: 25%
  • Capped at 100% of vehicle cost

Truck Voucher Incentive Program


NYCCTP – New York City Clean Trucks Program

Eligibility Requirements – NYC Clean Trucks Program (

  • Businesses that move goods and commercial truck operators located in or operating within 0.5 miles of program-approved IBZs (Industrial Business Zones) throughout New York City
  • Class 4 trucks that move goods and commercial diesel fueled trucks
  • Requires scrappage of an older diesel truck: this truck can be purchased from a prior owner to meet old truck eligibility requirements
  • $100,000 rebate incentive, no limit on number of vehicles purchased