No more uncertainty.

The Fleet Planner by Lightning eMotors answers the important question… will an electric vehicle work for me & my business?

In the Fleet Planner, we take the information you enter about your fleet and run it through our simulator to give you an accurate view of which Lightning EVs will work for you. Our simulator data is built through real-world miles driven from our Lightning Insights platform. That means your results are based on 4.5 MILLION+ miles of vehicle information, & counting!

Make the switch to EVs confidently

With over 3 million miles of real-world data, you can have peace of mind about making the switch to electric vehicles! The Fleet Planner was designed with you in mind, that’s why we use your specific fleet information in all our simulations. Tell us about your route, your payload & passenger capacity, your driver’s driving behavior, your shift lengths, & so much more. All of these details make up your unique simulation, so you can be sure that the vehicle will work for you.

Personalized Vehicle Impact Reports

At the end of your simulation we deliver your personalized Vehicle Impact Report. The impact report uses the data you entered into the simulation to create a full report on your EV savings compared to an I.C.E. vehicle. We go through fuel savings, maintenance savings, & CO2 mitigation for your specific vehicle so you can make an educated decision for your business.

Easy to Use

There’s nothing to it. Watch the video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to to start the simulation process. New users will need to enter their first & last name, along with an email for future login use.

A full breakdown, based on your unique simulation, of how your Lightning vehicle will operate in your fleet, compared to an internal combustion engine vehicle. Estimated annualized operating cost and sustainability benefits.

The maintenance summary is a combination of Lightning service record information and I.C.E service record information. I.C.E service record information was collected from multiple national databases and averaged.

The emissions section is based on electric generation emissions averaged for your state or province. More information on the data can be found at

After entering your fleet details, the simulator takes those specific inputs and feeds them through our Lightning modal. The Lightning modal is built from Lightning vehicle telematic reports. The Lightning modal is updated regularly to ensure the most accurate simulations.

To share your Lightning Vehicle Impact Report, you simply right click on the page and select “print”. Once that has been selected you can choose to print the page or save as a pdf document. Pdf documents can be attached to emails and shared publicly.