Electric Transit Vans for Your Fleet

Lightning’s Class 3 electric transit van employs an innovative, high performance drivetrain that is unmatched in the industry.

Electric Transit Van - ZEV3 Cargo Van

It might be difficult to believe that an electric transit van could offer a powerful, smooth, quiet ride—but driving is believing.

Our custom-engineered electric drivetrain (designed and built in the USA) offers the best performance for a van of its weight class. Fleets all over the country partner with Lightning eMotors to transition to our zero emission electric transit van. Perfect for that electric last mile.

The total cost of ownership and long-term savings will surprise you.

Our team can help you understand the full, “brass-tacks” cost of ownership to switch to a zero emissions fleet—but we can also help forecast your long-term savings (such as removing the need to purchase fuel regularly). Many of our customers are surprised when we run through the numbers with them. You can also use our ZEV app, which allows you to calculate the cost and forecast savings on your own.

We will build you a custom electric transit van charging station.

Creating a charging infrastructure for your electric fleet can feel complicated. This is where Lightning eMotor’s expertise hits the road. We handle everything from capacity planning and permits to ongoing maintenance so you avoid painful learning experiences throughout the process. Our mobile solution is great for charging your electric transit vans when they are in a remote location (offering peace of mind). Many of our customers often opt for customized charging stations, designed and built to match a specific set of requirements.

Our team will work with your local power authority to make sure the power supply to your site is adequate.

The team at Lightning eMotors will review your location’s power supply to ensure the capacity matches the requirements for your new charging station(s). In some cases, we’ll need to have your power authority increase the site’s capacity to make everything work as designed. This sometimes comes with a cost, but oftentimes the cost is subsidized to encourage the switch to electric.

Purpose-built and ready to move.

While Lightning eMotors loves to repower van fleets with our innovative electric components, we also have an electric transit van that is purpose-built (using the Ford Transit 350HD Passenger Van as a base chassis), in stock, and ready to drive. We use only the highest quality materials and components to deliver an electric fleet that leads the industry in performance, range, power, and overall experience.

Our engineers make repowering your existing fleet easier than ever.

The thought of buying an entirely new fleet of electric transit vans might be overwhelming. We understand that, which is why we offer existing fleets a total repowering service. This includes removing the van’s engine, exhaust system, transmission, and fuel tank—and replacing those with electric components and accessories. We configure our high-power electric motors and transmissions to a conventional drivetrain by propelling the vehicle through its driveshaft. Our team also replaces any auxiliary components to ensure functionality—such as power steering and climate control—remains intact. We then discuss the best place to mount the long range battery packs. Sometimes we mount them inside the van, and other times we will mount them below the vehicle with compliant coverings/protection. Repowering is a great option for:

  • Adding life to passenger vans that already need a new powertrain
  • Lowering fleet operating costs
  • Satisfying future ZEV mandates
  • Achieving sustainability goals
  • Saving on the cost of a brand new EV

Lightning Electric delivery van operated by DHL in Manhattan


Lightning eMotor’s electric transit van has a driving range of 140–170 miles.

Finding an extremely high quality battery pack was part of the mission when we designed our electric transit van. Our EV battery solution offers a driving range of 140 miles (80 kWh) to 170 miles (120 kWh). Charging can take as little as 1.5 hours for the 80 kWh battery (DC fast charge). This range is higher than any other electric work van of this class and weight, and the overall lifetime of the battery is longer than any other EV battery on the market today.

Be prepared for future ZEV mandates.

The Clean Air Act will continue to evolve over the years. Estimates suggest that by 2025 around 5% of new vehicles sold in ZEV states will be electric. We help fleet managers, owners, and directors get ahead of these changes—and take advantage of the tax benefits—by assisting in their switch to zero emission vehicles. Early adopters will enjoy the spoils of not having to “rush” to meet requirements while demand is high (while saving on rising gas costs).

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Partner with Lightning eMotors to electrify your cargo and passenger vans.

Our team is ready to discuss all of your options in detail. Switching to a fleet of electric transit vans doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds, and we’re with you every step of the way. Contact us today for a customized quote tailored to your exact requirements. We look forward to the conversation!

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