Lightning electric vehicles

By building our electric commercial EVs on the most popular chassis, we’re giving you the best of both worlds: zero-emissions, low-maintenance operation on platforms that you already know and love. With a wide range of available vehicles, we have your needs covered.

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Electric shuttles are ideal for localized applications such as airport parking, hospitals, universities, and commercial campuses. Type A school buses provide clean air for students. The combination of zero emissions and quiet operation will be appreciated by your passengers – and your drivers.



Ideal for middle- and last-mile deliveries and work/utility applications, electric vans and trucks contribute to cleaner city air with every mile they drive. With battery ranges that comfortably cover the majority of urban routes, these vehicles provide reliable operation that gets the work done.



Instead of scrapping old diesel city buses, why not get them converted to electric? Our Repower solution keeps good bus bodies in operation while retiring polluting diesel engines and delivering clean, quiet transportation for your passengers. It’s also much less expensive than purchasing a new electric bus – and delivery is quicker too.


Fleets of motorcoaches are used in urban locations for employee commuter services for large companies. It’s great that each coach takes many cars off the road, but how much better would it be if those coaches were zero-emissions vehicles?

Lightning’s partnership with ABC Companies means that you now can!