Electric Cargo Vans: Lightning ZEV3 Transit Cargo Van

Lightning ZEV3 Electric Cargo Vans

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If you’ve been thinking about switching your cargo van fleet to electric, don’t hesitate! These electric cargo vans are incredibly popular and moving fast (and they are currently shipping out RIGHT NOW). Are you interested in learning more? Contact one of our reps to get a free, customized quote assembled for your fleet.

Our class 3 electric cargo vans are perfect for your delivery fleet.

Our customers know that we manufacture our electric fleet vehicles right here in Colorado with only the highest quality components. Our electric transit vans come complete with either 140-mile or 200-mile battery ranges, custom charging solutions (mobile and/or stationary), EV fleet management software, tailored service plans, and more.

ZEV3 vs. e-Transit

Get MORE with the ZEV3 in your fleet! The Lightning ZEV3 cargo van comes with nearly 100 miles more range, an additional 1,500lbs of GVWR, and is eligible for $40,000+ more grant money than the e-Transit. Don’t sacrifice your business’s logistics and efficiency, get the vehicle that goes the distance and has a proven track record.

“DHL went through an extensive review to identify the ideal vehicles for their urban last-mile delivery needs. Lightning’s ZEV3 flexible, modular design enabled us to tailor vehicles to DHL’s exact needs.”

Technical Specifications

Base ChassisTransit 350HD Cargo Van
GVWR10,360 lbs or 11,000 lbs
Wheelbase148 in
Charging optionsLevel 2 AC at 13.2 kW
and DC Fast Charge (up to 80 kW) with J1772 CCS1 Combo
Efficiency72 MPGe / EPA City and 66 MPGe / EPA Highway
Driving range*up to 140 milesup to 200 miles
Battery Capacity80 kWh120 kWh
Charge Time5 hours (Level 2, at up to 13.2 kW)
1.5 hours (DC Fast Charge, at up to 80 kW)
8.5 hours (Level 2, at up to 13.2 kW)
2 hours (DC Fast Charge, at up to 80 kW)
Payload and Passenger Capacity**3,498 lbs (10,360 GVWR)
4,138 lbs (11,000 GVWR)
2,859 lbs (10,360 GVWR)
3,499 lbs (11,000 GVWR)
Maximum Speed65 mph (electronically limited)
Peak Power215 HP (160 kW)
Torque Rating (after transmission)733 lb-ft (994 Nm)
Warranty• Base Chassis: Ford standard warranty
• EV Electric powertrain and batteries: Lightning eMotors standard warranty
(5 year / 60,000 miles)
Analytics: Lightning Insights• Preventive Maintenance • Range Analysis • Driver Behavior • Charger Management

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Compare to the Ford E-Transit

Ford E-TransitLightning ZEV3 Transit 350HD
Availability2022Available since 2019
US GVWR Class 2Not planned
US GVWR Class 3No stated plan
Max GVWR9,500 lbs10,360 lbs (passenger van)
11,000 lbs (cargo van)
Cargo van
Passenger vanX
Payload capacityup to 3,880 lbsup to 4,138 lbs
Battery capacity options67 kWhup to 120 kWh
Range108 milesup to 200 miles
Bus door configurationX (passenger van)
Rear AC optionX
Connect with HV systemX
Ability to drop battery packs for upfitX
Ability to weld on frame for upfitX
Eligible for HVIP funds$7,500 per vehicle$45,000 per vehicle
Eligible for VW EMTF fundsX

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