Going deeper into the data

Every Lightning eMotors vehicle is equipped with a telematics controller which interfaces with the CAN bus and connects to our data servers over an encrypted 4G connection. This allows Lightning eMotors to monitor the health of every EV; but it also forms the basis of the valuable Lightning Analytics service for our customers.

By keeping track of up to 70 parameters almost in real time, including GPS data, Lightning Analytics provides the deep data needed for you as a fleet manager to understand how your vehicles are performing, including the effects of weather and terrain on battery range. Furthermore, the ability to remotely track your vehicles’ state of charge is critical for day-to-day operations and route optimization.

Our team of expert data analysts can prepare custom reports, as well as helping you to understand how your vehicles are performing and what opportunities exist for operational optimization.

In addition, we provide an app for Apple and Android devices which allows drivers to see the state of charge and expected range, as well as the estimated time to fully charged when charging.

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