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Lightning eMotors produces electric fleet medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, including delivery trucks, shuttle buses, passenger vans, chassis-cab models, and city transit buses. The Lightning products include elegantly integrated all-electric powertrains for the Ford Transit 350HD passenger and cargo vans, Ford E-450 shuttle bus and cutaway models, Ford F-59 step/food van, Ford F-550 cargo trucks and buses, Chevrolet 6500XD Low Cab Forward model, and 30-foot, 35-foot, and 40-foot transit buses.

The Lightning team works with forward-thinking fleets to provide the right electric powertrain on the right chassis in the right drive cycle. Lightning’s products improve a fleet’s operating costs and safety and make sure they are driving the cleanest and most advanced technology available. Based in Loveland, Colorado, the company has an office in San Diego.

Lightning Energy

Lightning Energy logoResponding to the need for a full-service charging solutions business, we created Lightning Energy in 2020. Lightning Energy offers charging stations, installation project management and on-going maintenance and support, including end-to-end provision known as Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS).


We’re passionate about the environment and fleet efficiency. We believe that you can have both, and our products are meticulously and intelligently designed to deliver.

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Thank you to everyone that attended the @A_ZBusSales EV Ride and Drive showcasing @DiamondCoach1 E-450 & F-550 Buses, and @NorCalVans Ford Transit Van — electrified by @LightningeMtrs #electric powertrain. ⚡️🚐🚐🚐

#ZeroEmissions #ZEV #EV

Congratulations Lightning eMotors @lightningeMtrs for being a top leader in Colorado’s economic journey & being a winner in our 2020 CCTW Awards! They’re doing cool stuff by assisting companies with acquiring their electric commercial fleet & infrastructur https://qoo.ly/39ggy4

Hey, New Yorkers!

Join our CEO, @timreeser, as he talks electric commercial medium and heavy duty trucks at the @EMPIRECLEAN FREE webinar Wednesday, Dec. 9th!
⚡️ https://bit.ly/NYSCCCWebinar
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Lightning eMotors is going to deliver more electric commercial vehicles to fleets in the USA this year than Ford and Daimler combined⚡️
#LightningeMotors #LightningForward

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